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We build trusting relationship with all our stakeholders, from our employees to our clients.

Our commitment to safety comprises two focus areas:

  • "Safety First” — promoting a safety culture among employees
  • "Safety by Design” — focusing on integrating robust safeguards into  technologies.

Tenova employees as of Dec 31, 2022

95 %

Permanent employees


Tenova Spa ISO 45001 certified


Rate of employees recordable work-related injuries


New health & safety
procedure in 2023


Average hours of training per employees


Leadership Mentorship
and Reverse Mentoring

88 %

Response rate to our 88%
Employee opinion survey

Safety first

1. Occupational Health and Safety

At Tenova, safety is a top priority for the well-being of our people. We implement comprehensive safety trainings, risk  assessments, and continuous improvements, including machinery upgrades, to maintain  high safety standards and promote a culture of safety across all locations.

2. Talent

We pride ourselves on providing a supportive work environment where employees can grow and develop their careers. We consider ourselves a learning company: we upskill and reskill our employees through on-the job training, cultural exposure, and education.

3. Benefits and Well-being

We know that attracting and retaining the right talent includes creating a package of benefits that proves our commitment to creating an equitable and supportive workplace.
To ensure our employees’ satisfaction, Tenova regularly carries out an internal feedback survey, a tradition established by the Techint Group.

4. Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Tenova is committed to fostering a respectful and fair environment for all employees, irrespective of their gender, religion, origin, nationality, age, sexual orientation, or disability while tailoring diversity and inclusion programs according to specific regional socio-historic contexts.

  • November 21st 2021: our first campaign in honor of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women
  • 2022 international women’s day: we held a fundraiser for “The Gorgeous Initiative”
  • In 2022 we hosted an online seminar about violence at the workplace and how to recognize and help victims of violence with 267 attendees.

Safety by design

5. Safe Technology for Clients

Our commitment to eliminating potential dangers begins at the design stage, where we harness the experience, know-how, and innovative thinking of our experts and engineers to integrate safety into our products, systems, and facilities from the outset.

We take a tech-forward approach, leveraging digital technologies, data gathering, data analysis, and dedicated training to deliver products  with significant safety advantages. To provide real-time and predictive analytics for our clients, we incorporate advanced monitoring features— including robotics, smart sensors, and AI—directly into our products.

This empowers clients to prevent accidents before they happen and reduce potential harm to their employees.

Our solutions:

  • i BOF Intelligent ISDSR Slop Detection
  • Water Detection System (WDS)
  • Platinum Group Metals (PGM)
  • Pomini Digital Texturing™ (PDT™)