We Act Transparently

We Act Transparently

Governance and Ethics

At Tenova, we are committed to leading by example in the metals industry. Recognizing our responsibilities, we strive to be a reliable partner for stakeholders and promote exceptional conduct within the sector. To achieve this, we have implemented extensive internal policies governing employee behavior and external relationships.

We focus on advancing transparency within our top governance bodies and policies, ensuring that our employees act ethically and in accordance with our company values.

Compliance and Ethics

We prioritize adherence to regulations and foster a culture of compliance:

  • our employees are expected to follow Code of Conduct, ethics, and integrity values;
  • our Code of Conduct covers interactions with clients, suppliers, and third parties;
  • Anti-Bribery Policy in place and compliant with international conventions and acts
  • we have set a goal of 100% completion for conflict-of-interest declarations; we estimate 95%+ have completed the declaration to date
  • anonymous whistleblowing procedure available for personnel and external parties

Sustainability Governance

To manage sustainability, Tenova has created three management bodies:

  • the Sustainability Steering Committee, which devises overall strategy and goals;
  • the Sustainability Project Team, which manages projects and monitors progress;
  • and the Operative Committee, which communicates strategy and goals throughout the organization.

Supply Chain

“At Tenova, we believe in leading by example. We recognize that the leadership position we have earned in the metals industry comes with important responsibilities.”

Our Supply Chain Roadmap to 2025

At Tenova, we are committed to maintaining a sustainable and responsible global supply chain. To that end, we ensure compliance with all legal regulations in the countries where we operate and purchase from, and expect the same from our supply chain partners.
Our commitment to a stronger, more responsible supply chain materializes in our Supply Chain Roadmap to 2025, which aims to identify and implement annual, actionable steps to enhance our supply chain with best practices in environmental, social, and governance criteria.





  • Analysis of current Tenova Supply Chain (SC) versus ESG criteria
  • Fine-tuning of SC Roadmap
  • Design of Supplier Questionnaire
  • Tests with shortlisted suppliers to be ESG rated


  • ESG Principles and Rating Definition



  • Publishing of Tenova Sustainable SC Program 

  • Distribution of SC ESG Awareness Handout

  • Training to shortlisted suppliers

  • Performance Monitoring system

  • Increase of rated suppliers

  • Audit of shortlisted suppliers

  • Integration of Supplier Portal (Qualification Module)


  • Comprehensive portfolio of rated suppliers
  • First Publishing of Sustainable Supply Chain Program



  • Tests on selected bids
  • Procedure for bid awarding also based on ESG Rating
  • Integration of Supplier Portal (Bid Module)
  • Increase of rated, audited, and trained suppliers
  • Data and Trend Analysis



  • Non-Financial Reporting (NFR) readiness




  • Awarding of bids weighting ESG Rating


  • Tenova Sustainable Supply Chain fully operational