A Message from Our CEO


Roberto Pancaldi
Tenova CEO

Dear Stakeholders,
The average consumer probably does not think much about the metals industry, yet without it our everyday lives would not be possible. Metals plays such a pivotal role in enabling nearly every other global industry, and, thus, economic growth, so that, today, iron and steel are responsible for between 7 to 9% of global carbon emissions.

This is where Tenova comes in. Our teams of scientists and engineers are innovating solutions to some of our industry’s age-old problems: making it possible to use lower-emission energy sources, keeping workers safe, minimizing and repurposing waste, and more. Our solutions are creating new pathways to green steelmaking that are revolutionizing how metals companies operate worldwide.

Tenova’s products marry digital technology with classic engineering brilliance to create solutions previously deemed impossible, like furnaces that can use up to 100% hydrogen as a zero-emissions fuel source.

Our work doesn’t stop at customer solutions. As part of our commitment to sustainability, we are also measuring and mitigating our own emissions, as well as instituting measures to enhance well-being among our employees, all of which is detailed in this report.

Aware of the social challenges facing some of our countries of operations, Tenova has placed emphasis on sourcing from reputable suppliers through our new ESG supplier screening criteria and by joining the Metals Technology Industry Initiative (MTI) to fight against corruption.

Some might shy away from the challenges our industry and global community are facing due to environmental instability and economic inequality but at Tenova we view this as an opportunity to create value for all stakeholders. Indeed, the downstream benefits of greening the metals and mining industries can positively impact the environment and quality of life of every individual and community. Tenova is already acting towards these goals, and we will continue to bring the best minds together to solve the biggest challenges of our time.

Roberto Pancaldi

Chief Executive Officer

1 - International Energy Agency (IEA), “Iron and Steel Technology Roadmap: Towards more sustainable steelmaking,” (2020).